Now, you can reduce risks and enhance your training, improve communications, and lead your mobile initiatives for creating a culture of safety with employees, vendors, and customers.

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FAQs. General Information

Is your system an LMS?

No. The VEROCOMM Platform is a secure mobile communication and training platform built to enable employers to securely manage communication and training compliance with their employees.

Can the VEROCOMM platform track safety compliance of our employees?

Yes. In fact it empowers you with many more tools to keep your employees safe, trained, compliant, and informed.

I don’t have a smartphone. Can I still train my employees using the system?

Yes. The VEROCOMM platform enables employers to “group train” their staff so that everyone is able to achieve compliance and training.

Can I use this system to do all of our employee HR training?

Yes. As we all know, HR training for each employee can be a very time consuming endeavor. The VEROCOMM platform allows HR to schedule all training (sexual harassment, safety training, OSHA compliance, office regulations, etc.)  and have it delivered directly to the employees mobile phone.

Will the VEROCOMM app work on my Android phone?

Yes, the VEROCOMM app will work on your Android phone. We have both Android and iOS native apps available for our clients.

Can the system be used for other content besides safety training?

Yes. It’s a great communication tool for product information, explaining how your technology works, sharing valuable “how-to” information from experienced company employees to younger less-experienced workers.

Can I use this for tailgate or job-site training?

 Yes. You can schedule training specifics and notify all trainees using the mobile platform.

Do I have the option to generate reports on a single employee as well as a large department?

Yes, you can group your reports by employee, department, or position.

What if our company doesn’t have video content?

No problem. We have you covered! You can either create your own or purchase content from the new VEROCOMM store that will be launching in June 2017.

How will the employee know they need to watch a video or view document by a certain date?

A notification will be sent to the employee’s phone letting them know they need to watch the video by a specific date.

Can I assign a due date for an activity or training session?

Yes! We make it simple to set due dates. Just select the employee, specific activity, and then click “set due date”

How will I know the employee watched the video and they are in compliance?

You can ensure the employee watched the video by setting a due date and activating the signature sign off.

Does the signature sign off verification also work when sending documents?

Yes, if you assign a due date for your document then your employee will be required to sign off.

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