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Get OSHA’s Free Construction Safety Guide Now

Workplace safety has been a growing focus in industrial business such as construction. While larger companies have more resources to delegate for safety concerns, many smaller and medium sized companies struggle to keep up with safety regulations and best practices.

With nearly 7 million constructions workers currently employed in over 768,000 companies, the construction industry is a significant avenue of business. OSHA has published the Recommended Practices for Safety and Health Programs in Construction, to help clarify how smaller companies can implement safety practices and procedures.

This important 40 page guide discusses everything from employee participation, management and leadership, identifying, preventing, and handling hazards, to training, and communication and coordination dynamics.

This will be of the utmost use and a vital reference tool for smaller business whom lack the necessary funds or knowledge to begin a safety program. Moving the momentum forward may seem like challenging work to some, but it is a must to properly train employees. A safer workplace can improve not just the number of accidental incidents, but employee retention, worker satisfaction, saving money from OSHA safety compliance fines, and much more.

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