Google’s Trusted Contacts App
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Share Your Location During Emergencies with Google’s Trusted Contacts App

Out of the evolution of the now non-active Latitude by Google, the Trusted Contacts app has emerged. One chooses their most trusted contacts and through location tracking an array of safety and emergency services can be accessed and communicated.

Let a loved one or friend know your travel route so they can see you have arrived at your destination, or when you departed. Should an emergency arise, your trusted mobile contacts can ask where you are and if you are okay. This app gives you the choice to respond or ignore the inquiry. Should you not respond quickly, within 5 minutes, a built-in safeguard will show your location or last known whereabouts with the contact who made the request.

While this service is a profound and impactful use of mobile technology for safety culture, with all technology there is stithe risk of abuse, especially by the people closest to someone. Unfortunately, this app could be abused in all manner of scenarios, from the nosey parent to the jealous significant other to gossipy friends. Choose your contacts well!

As with most Google apps, you can download Trusted Contacts for free from Google Play for Android.



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