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Workplace Safety: Common Safety Risks

Safety culture to this day can be misunderstood and not clearly communicated in the workplace. Through time we have many risks and a lack of best practices which still exist.

Risk 1. Safety Compliance

Some companies believe complying with safety and health mandates from the compliance laws of OSHA is a costly venture, but the initial costs of properly building a safe workforce saves much more money and the lives of employees as time passes and a business grows.

Risk 2. Assessing Environmental Risk

When there are plenty of hazards in dangerous industries, it is important to continue risk assessments of the environment. This not only protects workers, but lowers the number of incidents of injury and costly workers’ compensation insurance.

The dangers employees face are far greater than one faces in common every day activities. It is necessary to develop practical and effective safety training to keep accidents from happening.

Risk 3. The Employees Are at Fault

Most illness or accidents in the workplace are due to unsafe practices. Improving safety training, oversight from supervisors, and implementing system changes are fundamental to minimizing these events.

If employees are taking part in unsafe actions, it is because they have not been trained to understand their actions are unsafe, and that taking shortcuts to speed up production are not acceptable or safe. Safety must be a consistent effort which continues to be reviewed and updated regularly throughout the entire business.

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2 thoughts on “Workplace Safety: Common Safety Risks

  1. Becca Holton says:

    I can see why it’s important to continue risk assessments of the environment. There is always a risk for an accident to occur. However, it sounds like preventative measures are the best way to combat anything from actually happening.

  2. Hey Amaris….nice informative post!!!!

    Workplace safety plays a very vital role in today’s world. After all, the worker/employee has the full right to feel safe and secure at the place where they are working, so that they can give there 100% in their performance.

    There are number of incidents which occur on regular basis and the organizations doesn’t care about it. Instead they should start thinking to avoid these unwanted incidents at workplace. And the solution comes around when the appropriate training will get provided to the workers/employees. If these people will have appropriate knowledge then only then can perform well.

    So, its high time!!!!! Organizations should think about it and take some serious actions!!!!

    Great post!!

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